Wednesday, September 29, 2010

University stories: Computer Science labs

My computer science 111 class is divided into two parts: The lectures and the labs. During the lectures, our teacher just teaches us how to code in C and talks to us about how computers work. During the labs, we have short assignments to complete and submit, which test our knowledge.

But man, the lab sessions are just pathetic. 9/10 guys and/or girls there have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE of what they have to do. Jeez people, if you don't have ANY prior experience with programming you should at least practice a little (or pay attention in class...)

It's just ridiculous when your neighbour turns around and asks you what the printf function does... Or when he is COMPLETELY unable of even using a computer in the most basic sense by turning on the program we use to edit text...

I can't wait till all of these kids drop out after the midterms. Fuck newfags who don't even have the decency to put a minimal effort into learning the material.

My face when I finish the 3 hour lab in 15 minutes and go home

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Need advice

I just found a $300 paycheck on my desk from when I used to work at a Japanese grocer. What should I use this money on?

Also tried out my toaster oven for the first time today

fuck year chicken pot pies