Friday, October 29, 2010

Finally made a full recovery.

If you actually give a damn about my blog, you might have noticed that I have not posted anything for two weeks. You may have also noticed that my last post was about midterms. I have only very recently taken control of my life again, and the last few weeks have been a tornado of emotions and work for me. On the positive side, I've got some really great results back. 32/34 in Linear Algebra, 50/50 in computer science... Yeah, I'm pretty satisfied.

Anyways, I've actually got another midterm tomorrow. It's a pretty chill calculus exam so I'm not stressed.

I've also started learning guitar. I'm still learning the basics, but it's fun and relaxing. I recommend it as a hobby!
No, my guitar is not as awesome as Yui's. I just play a good ol acoustic guitar.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

BRUTAL DAY tomorrow

This Friday I have two midterms in two difficult subjects and an essay due. I have been studying nonstop for this whole week and it's still looking out to be a very tight race. In times like this I remember what it means to become an engineer. When I was younger I always wanted to prove myself to everybody because I always knew I was able of doing anything. Now is the time I have to prove myself. It's not a punishment, it's a test. And so I say BRING IT ON MIDTERMS. BRING IT THE FUCK ON!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life's tough

Been feeling the pressure recently in university. I guess it's pretty normal, but I'm often getting thoughts of "I could just stop my studies and live a nice simple life". I'm a little worried about my future and sometimes I think I'd rather die than put all this effort into my engineering degree. I want to find a girlfriend and make some great bros, but I don't know if I'm able to do something like this. ahh how worrisome. I don't want to end up as a lonely engineer. ):

Food for thought:
- Hold up two magnifying glasses behind one another. Vary the distance between them and their distance from your eye, and you can end up seeing stuff very clearly but vertically flipped.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Detailed guide: How to do a gainer (Diving board/Parcour move) Many video examples

What is a gainer? 
A gainer is an impressive flip usually done on a diving board. Doing a gainer means running forward, jumping forward and doing a backflip. Gainers can be done by people of all body shapes and sizes provided you put an appropriate amount of force in your spin.

This video is an example of a gainer.

Before trying a gainer, it is a good idea to get good at doing backflips.

How to do a backflip:

1. Stand at the end of the board. Your feet do not have to be on the edge.

2. Jump backwards. Don't go into a ball yet, but do try to reach a position where you are laying down in the air. Body open, stomach pointing upwards.

3. At the top of your jump, when your stomach points upwards, bring your knees into a ball to begin spinning.

4. The landing should come naturally. Try to fall feet first, straight down into the pool without spinning as you hit the water.

After having a good grasp of the backflip, you can begin trying to do a gainer.

How to learn to do a gainer on a spring board:

1. Begin while standing halfway across the diving board.

2. Take a few steps, then when you are near the end of the board, rotate 45 degrees with a bounce, land near the end of the diving board and pull off a backflip with your side facing frontward. If you properly gave yourself a running start, you should continue flying forward. If you hold back, you might just do a backflip at the left of the board. If your pool is small do not try this.

Try to do this. You don't need to put spin on your movement to land straight backwards.

If you can't do this, try to do a backwards dive. You can practice your spin later. Also try to jump higher to give yourself more time.

3. Repeat this process, and every time try to point your feet a little closer to straight in front.

If all works well, you should now be able to do gainers straight forward.

How to learn to do a gainer on a platform that does not bounce:

As in the gainer for the spring board, you should begin doing this manoeuvrer sideways and gradually point your feet forward.

1. Get a running start

2. Jump with power using your left foot. (if you are right-footed) Try to shoot diagonally.

3. In the air, kick your right foot forward. (if you are right-footed)

See how he jumps using his left foot, and kicks with his right leg?

4. If you kicked well, your body should now be flat in the air: stomach pointing upwards. At this time, just bring your knees in like you would in a backflip. You may have to bring them in very tight if you jump from a low height.

More or less the end result.

You must jump far enough so that you don't hit your head against the board. Learn this move at a pace you find comfortable.
If you mess up and hurt yourself, it's not my fault. Don't get ahead of yourself.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Really intense PSA - Break the habit

This public service announcement made me feel things.
I think that this video clearly showed the innocence of children in front of their parents' decisions.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some anime pictures I found

Click the pictures for a full view please!

Lelouche skiing. I thought it looked pretty cool, and it reminded me of the great time I had skiing last winter.

No words can express the awesome.

A screenshot I took from when I was watching bakemonogatari. I didn't think the story was very interesting, but I REALLY loved the colours and the architecture in the background. It much reminded me of Mirror's Edge, which is one of my favourite games.